Hangin With The AD Podcast

Episode 33: Lesley Broadwell - Athletic Director - Cambridge High School - Milton, GA

May 27, 2021 Don Baker & Josh Mathews Season 2 Episode 33
Hangin With The AD Podcast
Episode 33: Lesley Broadwell - Athletic Director - Cambridge High School - Milton, GA
Show Notes

Episode # 33  … Lesley Broadwell, Cambridge High School (Milton, GA)

Today’s guest is Lesley Broadwell. Lesley serves as the Athletic Director at Cambridge High School in Milton, GA. 
  A Georgia native Lesley has worked her way up the ladder by being a believer in surrounding yourself with good people and then getting out of the way while they work to reach the collective goals established by all parties involved. 
  A leader through both the good times and the bad as she will discuss today, Lesley has a unique ability to connect with others using the power of a positive outlook that is felt by all who have interacted with her. Let’s settle in…and get to know…Lesley Broadwell.

1:03- Introduction

3:34- Advise for Females Entering Athletic Administration

4:35- Fostering a Strong Principal-AD Relationship

8:27- Setting Your Coaches Up for Success

10:14- Leading Through Tragic Loss in Your Community

13:39- Tough Conversations with Students & Your Community

18:38- Balancing the AD Role with Coaching

25:10- Ways to Evaluate Yourself as the Leader

27:46- The Cambridge Athletic Association

30:30- Promoting Females Succeeding in Non-Traditional Platforms

32:52- What Brings You Joy as AD?

35:10- 2-Minute Drill


You can follow Lesley Broadwell on social media Twitter:    @Cambridge_AD


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