Hangin With The AD Podcast

Episode 31: Jared Benko - Director of Athletics - Georgia Southern University - Statesboro, GA

April 29, 2021 Don Baker & Josh Mathews Season 2 Episode 31
Hangin With The AD Podcast
Episode 31: Jared Benko - Director of Athletics - Georgia Southern University - Statesboro, GA
Show Notes

Episode # 31  … Jared Benko, 1st Year at Ga Southern 

Today’s guest is Jared Benko. Jared is the Director of Athletics at Georgia Southern University in Statesboro; GA and we are so excited to have him sit down with us again. Jared joined us almost one year ago for episode 5 as he was literally on the road from his previous position as Deputy Director of Athletics/Chief Financial Officer for nearly four years at Mississippi State University.  

A common sense and down to earth leader, I challenge you to find a more “people first” AD. Jared walks us through his first year “owning his own shop” as AD at Ga. Southern and breaks down some of the highlights and challenges that any new leader faces as they look to embrace the past while instilling their vision for the future. There’s plenty to learn from in this one…let’s settle in and catch up with a friend of the show…Mr. Jared Benko. 

1:16 - Introduction 

3:58 – The Story of Year One 

6:25 - Number One Priority as a New Leader 

11:08- Taking Ownership of the Job 

15:13- Assessing Candidates Beyond the Interview 

23:37- Evaluating the Talent on Your New Team 

31:28- Using a Pandemic for Improvement 

34:39- Enhancing the Student-Athlete Experience 

39:24- Having a Servant Mentality 

44:31- Being Engaged with Fans  

50:28- What has Year One Taught You About Yourself? 

53:47- 2-Minute Drill 

 You can follow Jared Benko on social media Twitter: @GSAthletics @JaredBenkoInstagram: @GSAthletics                   

Find out more about Mr. Jared Benko and Georgia Southern University Athletics at: 
Georgia Southern Athletics 

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