Hangin With The AD Podcast

Episode 30: Kaleb Stoppel - CMAA - Assistant Principal & Athletic Director - Olathe East High School - Olathe, KS

April 15, 2021 Season 2 Episode 30
Hangin With The AD Podcast
Episode 30: Kaleb Stoppel - CMAA - Assistant Principal & Athletic Director - Olathe East High School - Olathe, KS
Show Notes

Episode # 30 … Dr. Kaleb Stoppel, Olathe East HS (Olathe, KS)

Today’s guest is Dr. Kaleb Stoppel. Kaleb serves as an assistant principal and athletic director at Olathe East High School in Olathe Kansas.  An innovative leader who loves to inspire others to be the best versions of themselves and is a champion for both athletics and the arts, Dr. Stoppel has harnessed the power of positive leadership and always sees the glass half-full as he leads his coaches, student-athletes, and the next generation of athletic leaders.  Let’s settle in and get to know our first guest from the great state of Kansas….Dr. Kaleb Stoppel.

00:59- Introduction
 4:56- Why are You an Athletic Administrator?
 8:21- Having a ‘Beginner’s Mindset’
 11:20- Importance of a Support System for the AD
 16:32- Being In-Tune with Other Extra-Curriculars
 20:15- Preparation, Promptness, Presence
 24:41-Being Mr. Paranoia & Mr. Positivity
 28:55- Why Are We Here? 
 33:48- Methods to Inspire Your Coaches
 37:00- Making Big Picture Decisions
 42:25-  Student Recognition
 45:40- Resources to Improve His Leadership Skills
 51:01- Passion for Kansas High School Athletics
 53:58- 2-Minute Drill

You can follow Dr. Kaleb Stoppel  on social media--Twitter: @ADStoppelOE   Instagram: Kalebstoppel         
 Find out more about Olathe East Athletics at: Olathe East Hawks   Olathe East Athletics

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