Hangin With The AD Podcast

Episode 29: Brett Ledbetter & Becky Burleigh - What Drives Winning

April 01, 2021 Don Baker & Josh Mathews Season 2 Episode 7
Hangin With The AD Podcast
Episode 29: Brett Ledbetter & Becky Burleigh - What Drives Winning
Show Notes

Episode # 29 … Brett Ledbetter/Becky Burleigh, What Drives Winning
What drives winning? That’s a really great question that I think we all would love to have the answer to. Well today we plan on getting you closer to that goal as we sit down with the co-founders of the What Drives Winning conference Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh.  Brett Ledbetter is a consultant, author, and speaker who has helped both coaches and athletes tap into their ultimate potential through his conference, Tedx talks, and his work as a “thought partner” for programs such as Gonzaga mens’ basketball, The University of Oregon Women’s basketball program, and The University of Florida’s softball and soccer programs, just to name a few.  In 25 seasons at the helm of the University of Florida’s soccer team, Becky Burleigh, has led UF to a NCAA Championship, two NCAA College Cup appearances, 14 Southeastern Conference titles and 22 NCAA Championships berths. Coming into this season, in 30 seasons of coaching, Burleigh has compiled an overall record of 507-152-43 (.753) and her 507 wins places her No. 2 among active Division I coaches and No. 3 all-time for D1 career victories. What drives winning?  This is going to be a good one. Let’s find out as we settle in and get to know Becky Burleigh and Brett Ledbetter.
 4:41-What Drives Winning program
 7:05-Being a ‘Thought Partner’
 9:32- Developing a Common Language in your Program
 10:35-Makeup of a 360 Degree Leader
 12:01-Environment vs Culture
 14:34-What the Great Coaches Possess
 18:49-Teaching & Demonstrating Character to your Program
 22:14-“You are the Physical Manifestation of the Standard”
 27:51-Having a Board of Directors vs Inner Circle
 31:58-Importance of Finding a Community for the Leader
 36:44-Understanding the Short Lifespan of a Team
 38:55-Maximizing Your Ability as an Athletic Leader for your Staff
 43:35-Prioritizing Character Studies with your Teams
 50:42-Definition of GREATNESS
 52:34-Helping Those We Lead Reset
 54:13-What Drives Winning resources
 1:00:08-2-Minute Drill

Book Mentions:  What Drives Winning books (WDW, What’s Really Important, WDW Teams, WDW Environments)
You can follow Brett Ledbetter and Becky Burleigh  on social media
Twitter:  WDWconvo   BeckyBurleigh   YouTube: What Drives Winning    
 Find out more about What Drives Winning at: What Drives Winning website

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